Our Brands

Owned Brands

We have developed our own brands. The purpose is to guarantee the best quality standards based on the adquired knowledge and experience.


Mantiana represents the apples. We take part in the production process for guarantee the highest quality standards.



Fragaria is our Brand for the forest fruit. They are produced exclusively for us. The production process cares about the environment besides the quality standards.



Paso Lagarto is our Brand for the avocados. They are available all year. We highlight their texture and taste.



It Represents the kiwis. Originals from Greece.



ràfols fruits

The original Ràfols Brand is well settled in the fruit market. A big assortment of fruit is distributed under its name. Al lof them produced exclusively for us.



The original Ràfols Brand for the tropical products. Is is well settled in the fruit market. Papaya, pinneaple and avocados are distributed under this name.