About us

The Team


Mission, vision and values

Mission. Provide the best quality fruit . We always collaborate with the appropriate producer. If a fruit does exist, we provide it.

Vision Keep growing nationally and internationally, complying with the values of our company.


  • Cuidamos de las personas: de  clientes, trabajadores y productores
  • We care for and respect the environment
  • We care and respect the product
  • We are socially responsible
  • We are Committed to quality

The Fruits Ràfols team is fresh and dynamic. With cooperation and teamwork, offers the best service to its clients.


Fruits Ràfols se crea en 1988 y se establece en la unidad alimentaria de Mercabarna. Se funda con el objetivo de especializarse en el comercio de fruta y hortaliza de  calidad y proximidad.

Years later, it expanded the product supply with tropical fruit. Therefore, it started the importing activity.

Now, after thirty years, Fruits Ràfols is a benchmark as a distributor of selected fruit whether imported and national. The loyalty of its suppliers and customers is its best guarantee.

Somos más de 25 trabajadores, contamos con más de 1.500 clientes distribuidos por Europa y estamos presentes en 2 pabellones y un almacén frigorífico de 2.000 m2 en el hub alimentario de Mercabarna.

Fruits Ràfols wants to continue growing alongside the employees, customers and suppliers

Commited to quality

We are known for providing quality products. For this reason, the team works with effort to collaborate with farmers and producers at national and international level.

We always want to offer the maximum guarantee. To do this, we follow a rigorous quality control that constantly verifies the entire process.

The trust and satisfaction of our customers and suppliers is our best guarantee.